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Bilingual English - Spanish

Improves mental, emotional and physical well- being 
Improves patterns of negative thinking
Increases levels of self-awareness
Increases relaxation
Increases sense of well being
Reduces anxiety
Reduces fear
Reduces stress 
Releases emotional trauma


What is Soul Reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing system that uses energy to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. It means “Sacred Energy” or “Spiritual Energy”. It ensures that “Ki” or “Chi” (life force energy) flows freely through your body.  Energy runs through your body like water through a hose. If the hose has a knot, the water can’t flow through it. Eventually the pressure will build up and the water will find an outlet, which will normally be an unbalanced one.  The same occurs with our energy system. When our energy is blocked it stops flowing easily through our system. As a consequence our thoughts and emotions get distorted, and they stop flowing with ease. This blocked energy will find an unbalanced outlet, taking the form of anger, anxiety, fear, depression, frustration and thoughts that are hyperactive and out of control. Soul Reiki ensures your energy field is clear, free from blockages and negativity.

Meditation by the sea

How does Soul Reiki work?

Soul Reiki is very precise, and it asks you to consciously bring to the sessions the issues you are struggling with, so we can work with them at an energy level. Our techniques have been developed by Reiki Masters with the intention of bringing peace and clarity to any areas in your life in which you might need assistance. This work will be enhanced by counselling techniques, which creates a beautiful combination that supports you at all levels.
I will connect with the energy of your body and ensure all blockages are removed from your energy system. New and balanced energy will be brought into your body, clearing the negativity that has accumulated. This is done through a very relaxing session in which you simply lie down and close your eyes.

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What do the treatments feel like?

Soul Reiki and energy work feels different to each person. Some clients experience a great sense of relaxation that promotes calmness and a deeper sense of healing. Some other experiences also include: sensations of heat, having visions and seeing different colours, emotional releases, sensations of vertigo, crying, temperature changes and tingling in your body. On occasions, clients might experience different emotional responses that indicate shifts that are taking place.

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How do I book the sessions?

You can book sessions individually or as a package. We recommend a package of seven sessions that can be booked at your own rhythm, weekly, monthly or every few months. We can discuss further details about the frequency of the sessions in person after your first treatment.
Clients that come for counselling and hypnotherapy can integrate Reiki sessions if they wish to do so. Working with the conscious, subconscious and energy body bring greater levels of awareness, change and relief. You will find the combination of these three approaches help you to move forward faster.

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